Penicillin G

Section 1.1

Midwives may independently prescribe, order and administer this drug.

Inhibits mucopeptide synthesis of bacterial cell wall. Penicillin G is a bactericidal against penicillin susceptible microorganisms.

Indications and Clinical Use:

Intravenous Penicillin G is the antibiotic of choice for intrapartum chemophophylaxis.


History of a hypersensitivity reaction to any penicillin.

Warnings and Precautions:

Administer drug with caution to cephalosporin-sensitive patients due to possible cross-reactivity. Use with caution in patients with histories of significant allergies and/or asthma. Use with caution in patients with renal impairment and in patients with a history of seizure disorder. Breastfed infants may develop slightly looser stools than normal.




Category L1 – Compatible

Adverse Reactions:

Anxiety, confusion, dizziness, tremors, nausea, vomiting and diaphoresis.

Dosage and Administration:

IV: 5 million units followed by 2.5 million units every 4 hours until delivery.

Onset of Action:

IV: Peak serum concentrations occur immediately once administration is complete and within 1 hour.


30-50 minutes


Urine (58% to 85% as unchanged drug)